1800 Watches

In 1927, Sydney and Clara opened their first watch repair shop called 'House of Watchbands' in downtown Detroit. Three generations have run the business since its inception 93 years ago and they still maintain the reputation as experts in all watch service as well as specialists in restoring vintage watches.

Reno as the third generation owner approached me to redesign the logo because the company has been renamed to 1800 Watches. One important aspect he told me that they credit their success to remembering what it’s like to be a customer.

The idea was to combine a mechanical gear and a classic watch face to help retain their heritage. The 1800 numbering adds memoribility to the brand and the violet color adds elegancy.

Client Feedback

We really love the end result, the logo looks timeless and works well together with our long history in luxury watch sell & repair business. We are hoping to continue hiring Adi for future design work.

— Reno Max

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