Blackmar is an extraordinary team of technology experts with a vision devoted to the future of your team and business. They have 3 offices located in Los Angeles, New York and Park City.

The Blackmar's name itself is based on Blackmar–Diemer Gambit which is a chess opening strategy move founded by Armand Blackmar and Emil Josef Diemer.

My job was to create the main consultancy business logo, a pattern and icons for their technologies sub-service called Blackmar Technologies.

The logo is a result of many exploration of the knight pieces.

A simple, subtle checkerboard on the K letter representing a Knight Piece in a chess game.

To make a chess board pattern, I broke down the knight into blocks and combined them with lines effect to differentiate the blocks (See below).

The final result of the pattern looks exactly like a chess board.

A cool way to embrace the brand without using the main logo.

Pattern usage across different stationaries.

Product Icons and UI Icons for the client's dashboard.

Lines accent on the logo for wall decoration to give a sense of motion.

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