COG Accounting Logo Refinement

#Logo Refinement, Jan-21-2019 COG Accounting Old logo (left) vs. new logo (right).

A logo refinement for a freelance business of a 60 year old woman. She's a Bookkeeper/Accountant/Finance manager and brands herself as: Cog Accounting. The logo is a simple idea of 3 cogs that form a word of COG.

IN Production Logo Refinement

#Logo Refinement, Jan-14-2019 IN Production Old logo (left) vs. new logo (right).

Logo refinement for IN Production. This is done for teaching purpose to my fellow designers.

The Bullish Cock Logo Refinement

#Logo Refinement, Dec-26-2018 The Bullish Cock Old logo (left) vs. new logo (right).

Logo refinement for The Bullish Cock, a news parody website with a primary focus on the financial industry though politics and other hot button issues will be featured when relevant.

The Bullish Cock's Pattern The doodle pattern, inspired by "cock a doodle doo!".

HP PROFILES Logo Refinement

#Logo Refinement, Dec-12-2018 HP Profiles Logo Old logo (left) vs. new logo (right).

Logo refinement for HP PROFILES. A manufacturer of electrical corrugated conduit and non-slotted ducting. HP PROFILES has facilities in Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane catering to customers nationally.

VMG Telecoms Logo Refinement

#Logo Refinement, Dec-12-2018 VMG Logo Old logo (left) vs. new logo (right).

Logo refinement for VMG Myanmar Telecoms. The company is known for their sucessful international Calling card called "Ytalk". VMG also has an extensive range of interconnects with several key technology partners including Tier 1 Carriers, PTTs, SMS Aggregators and Value Added Service(VAS).

592 Logo Refinement

#Logo Refinement, Nov-16-2018 592 Logo Old logo (left) vs. new logo (right).

Logo refinement I made for someone in reddit. I Added colors and cuts to make the numbers more visible.

Rabsatt Design Logo Refinement

#Logo Refinement, Nov-5-2018 Rabsatt Design Old logo (left) vs. new logo (right).

Logo refinement for Mitchell Rabsatt, an experienced CAD Designer. The refinement was made to the icon to be more fluid with a better sans-serif wordmark to accompany the logo better.

United States Antarctic Program

#Logo Refinement, Sep-2-2018 Old logo (left) vs. new logo (right).

Someone in contacted me to recreate the raster logo into vector, fix the font especially around kerning and unaligned stars. It's such a pleasure to refine such an important logo for the US Government.

Dark Room Studio

#Logo Refresh, Aug-27-2018 Dark Room Studio Old logo (left) vs. new logo (right).

Logo refresh for Dark Room Studio. The refined logo has consistent spacing and the new shape is wider to make it visually more appealing. Logo Refinement

#Logo Refresh, Aug-6-2018 Sorter.Ai Old logo (left) vs. new logo (right).

Logo refresh for Just a refinement to make the logo cleaner.

Spades of Spades

#Logo Refresh, July-27-2018 Spades of Spades Old logo (left) vs. new logo (right).

Logo refresh for Spades of Spades. I did this to show someone on reddit on how to make a better and more balanced logo.


#Logo Refresh, July-10-2018 Austrade Old logo (left) vs. new logo (right).

Logo refresh for Austrade Company Limited. An Australian trading company that trades in premium foodstuff, milk and commodity. The logo consists two abstract boomerangs go left and right representing a trading activity.

Salararius Solutions CS

#Logo Refresh, June-02-2018 Salararius Solutions LLC Old logo (left) vs. new logo (right).

Logo refresh for Salararius Solutions Consulting Services LLC. They are a group of everyday Americans willing to do extraordinary things. Their members possess modern tactics and methods that were developed from many years of both military and law enforcement service.

Quest Creative Logo Refinement

#Logo Refresh, May-01-2018 Quest Creative Old logo (left) vs. new logo (right).

Quest Creative is a digital marketing company. The client wanted the logo to be a compass with letter "Q" to be visually there too. The new refined logo focuses on the "Q" which works stand-alone too on the wordmark.

QuestGiver Logo Refinement

#Logo Refresh, Apr-13-2018 QuestGiver Old logo (left) vs. new logo (right).

QuestGiver is a network collaboration of artists and illustrators under one banner. The old logo emphasizes a Q letter that acts as a bubble chat with an exclamation mark in the center, just like when you get a new quest in RPG game. My job was to refine the old logo to be more modern looking mark.

EMTB Forums Logo Refresh

#Logo Refresh, March-21-2018 EMTB Forums Logo Old logo (left) vs. new logo (right).

EMTB Forums is a UK based community for people who have passion for EMTB (Electric Mountain Bikes). Even though the founder and the website are based in the UK, it's a place for all EMTB hobbyist around the world to share their thoughts, experiences and advices in the world of EMTB.

Robin hired me to do a refresh of its old busy logo to be simpler. My take was to include two angled arrows which the top arrow is going uphill, and the bottom arrow going downhill, representing mountain biking activity. The two combined arrows form a shape of a bolt representing an electric version of a mountain bike.

EMTB Forums Jersey EMTB Forums Real Jersey

Logo for Juggling The Jenkins

#Logo Design, March-16-2018 Juggling The Jenkins Logo Blog logo (left) and social media logo (right).

Tiffany Jenkins just launched her book called "High Achiever: The Shocking True Story of One Addict’s Double Life" which you can buy here. She needed a logo for her blog and facebook avatar.

The community in her facebook is huge, it has more than 700.000 active followers. You can find out more about her and the book in her blog called Juggling The Jenkins and her Facebook page that contains a lot of motivational and funny videos.

I'm grateful because she trusted me to do the logo even though I have never designed such a feminine logo before. Thankfully, the result came out pretty good.

What should you do with a rejected logo concept?

#Logo Talk, March-13-2018 Aqualac Comparison Client chose the right one, not a bad choice though.

Preparing logo concepts for clients means one or two strong concepts that you think good get rejected. What should you do with them? Recycling the concept for another clients that has a similarity in the briefing usually takes forever to come, in the end the concepts usually end up collecting dust in the hard drive. It's such a big waste.

Zurich Screw Manufacturer

Here's what I did instead. I converted that cool fan-like concept into a fictional company called Zurich Screw Manufacturer. You can find the project information here to learn more about the process behind the logo.

Slight Case Company

#Logo Refresh, March-10-2018 Slight Logo Refresh Old logo (left) vs. new logo (right).

Slight Case Co. is a fledgling Canadian company that will soon be entering the phone case market. The angled boomerang logo forms an “S” shape that maintains its clarity when scaled down to different sizes.


#Logo Refresh, Feb-24-2018 Calcove Old logo (left) vs. new logo (right).

Logo refresh for Calcove. The legibility of the old logo was hard to grasp in a quick glance, caused by the separation of the "Cal" and the "Cove" text. I used Galano typeface to give a more modern look that fits better with the logo and I incorporated the waves as the negative space in the "C" mark to make the logo simpler, better proportioned and work well in one color.

Kyle Axtell

#Logo Refresh, Feb-11-2018 Axtell Old logo (left) vs. new logo (right).

Logo refresh for Kyle Axtell’s marketing service. I made the logo less condensed, removing the gradient that was making the old logo look and feel outdated. I created a brand-new wordmark based on the old one.


#Logo Refresh, Feb-09-2018 Drayman Old logo (left) vs. new logo (right).

Logo refresh for a startup "Drayman" selling outdoor equipment. I made the logo much simpler by removing unnecessary lines and complex gradient, also smoothing some sharp edges to make it more pleasant to the eyes.

Black Fox Gaming

#Logo Refresh, Feb-07-2018 Black Fox Gaming Old logo (left) vs. new logo (right).

Logo refresh for E-Sports Gaming Center based in Michigan. The idea was to create a hooded man behind a fox mask.


AMS Refinement

#Logo Refresh, Feb-4-2018 AMS Refinement Old logo (left) vs. new logo (right).

Logo refinement for Athens Maintenance Solutions. A major reduction of the old wordmark gave greater emphasis without losing the old identity. Stacking the brand name gives a better legibility at smaller sizes.

Legacy Team

#Logo Refresh, Jan-05-2018 Legacy Team Old logo (left) vs. new logo (right).

Logo refresh for an Esports Team, Legacy. More information about the project.

Thammasat University

#Logo Refresh, Dec-28-2017 Thammasat University Old logo (left) vs. new logo (right).

Thammasat University's International Studies ASEAN-CHINA is a student exchange program on ASEAN culture and China. Visit TU-Asean website for more detail about the program.


#Logo Refinement, Dec-23-2017 HJNX Old logo (left) vs. new logo (right).

HJNX Streetwear is a one-man project to make and sell streetwear clothing and skateboard decals. I recreated the logo to be fluid and smoother. The eyes on the old logo were too small and would not have been visible on a small scale. The new one features more distinct eyes.

All Corners Wildlife Removal

#Logo Refresh, Nov-11-2017

When All Corners Pest Control Group acquired a wildlife removal company called BHWR, they changed the name to All Corners Wildlife Removal.

Free Logo! Old logo (left) vs. new logo (right).

They loved their old logo with the raccoon but felt it was too complex and illustrative. My job was to redesign the logo to be more modern but retain the expression on the raccoon’s face.

Ka Moa Media

#Logo Refinement, Oct-26-2017 Ka Moa Media Old logo (left) vs. new logo (right).

Ka Moa means rooster in Hawaiian. They are two developers that provide web and application development services. Most of their clients are based in Hawaii, Micronesia and Tahiti. They wanted me to simplify the old logo so it scales down well to a small size.

PUBG Unite

#Logo Refinement, Oct-22-2017

PUBG Unite is an online gambling business. The word PUBG itself is an abbreviation for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, an online survival shooter multiplayer game.

PUBG Unite Old logo (left) vs. new logo (right).

They needed a logo that conveys the PUBG game and gambling. My idea was to use the iconic Spetsnaz helmet that is used in the game. The logo shows the helmet on a table with dice that represent gambling.

Lightning Hydraulic

#Logo Refresh, Oct-12-2017 Lightning Hydraulic Old logo (left) vs. new logo (right).

Lightning Hydraulic Repair LLC offers hydraulic services in Sarasota, FL. The new, refined logo is simpler, using less colors, and scaling down better to a small size.

Lightning Hydraulic Uniform Design

Revive Freedom

#Logo Refresh, Sept-09-2017

Revive Freedom is a website that sells Libertarian apparel. Revive Freedom also plans to be include a blog about changing US laws, such as ending the war on drugs and other current issues.

Revive Freedom Old logo (left) vs. new logo (right).

The old logo was restrictive and didn’t fit well in many places like the web header and as social media profile pictures. The boxy shape of the refined logo is easier to use anywhere.

Picture Sensations

#Logo Refinement, Sept-02-2017 Picture Sensations Old logo (left) vs. new logo (right).

Picture Sensations Inc. is an online store in Canada that sells wall murals and canvas art.


#Logo Refresh, Aug-30-2017 Stampify Old logo (left) vs. new logo (right).

Stampify is a loyalty card service that feeds homeless people in Ireland. Since they planned to print hundreds of these cards, the first thing I needed to do was simplify the previous logo from five colors to one, saving money on printing.

Unlucky Traveller

#Logo Refresh, Aug-12-2017 Unlucky Traveller Old logo (left) vs. new logo (right).

Unlucky Traveller is a blog about travelling. The refinements made to the logo added a modern appeal while maintaining the unluckiness aspect.