Daedalus Editing

The positive growth of his freelance business made David thinking to start his own fiction editing company. He came to me to turn his vision into reality and my job was to create a logo and some brand collaterals for it.

The name Daedalus refers to the story of an ancient Greek craftsman who was given a challenge to pull a string through the nautilus shell, so it became clear that a nautilus shell will be the most fitting object to represent the company. The custom wordmark was made with a nod to the characteristic and indentation of shellfish.

Client Feedback

I recently had the pleasure of working personally with Adi for my brand identity, and I was extremely impressed not only with the quality of my logo but also the speed and effectiveness of his service. I fully intend to work with him on future projects, since craftsmanship like this is hard to come by.

— David Sorensen

Other Work


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