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Mrs. Dallas Hedstorm has been partnering with Mrs. Catherine Harris providing legal and law services mainly to clients in Florida. After many years in the business, they realized that their logo hadn't changed since the early days and had become dated compared to the level of expertise they offer.

My job was to redesign the logo to reflect timelesness and simplicity that helps to set the brand apart. The idea that came through was connecting simple bamboo trees to form the firm's initial.

Bamboo is a natural composite with the highest strength-to-weight ratio and a very strong material when joined together, it represents a strong partnership between Hedstrom & Harris.

It was important to retain the brand equity from the previous mark by keeping the burgundy as the primary color.

Client Feedback

We LOVE the bamboo concept! We love what it represents and the slightly feminine touch it gives. You nailed it!

— Dallas R. Hedstrom, Hedstrom & Harris Law

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