Paragraf is a small bookstore that mostly selling imported books. The logo idea is based on the pilcrow – or paragraph – symbol (¶) used to mark a new paragraph or section of text. They felt the old logo was too busy and I was approached to refresh the logo to be simpler and clean.

The swooshes in the old logo meant to represent an open page, but it looked more like a claw. By removing the unintended claw looking swooshes, the logo looks much cleaner now. The swash in the P mark had been thickened to avoid legibility issue in small sizes.

The new refreshed logo has more balance in the white space area and now it perfectly fits social media profile pictures.

The old logo was busy with lines resembling a claw.

The new logo fits well in both a circle and a square, an important design aspect when considering social media branding.

An off-white color gives an elegant feel.