Sparacino Realty Advisors

Christopher approached me to design a brand identity for his new company, SRA. It's a full-service commercial real estate advisory whose primary focus is multifamily properties in the Eastern San Francisco Bay Area.

One thing Chris mentioned was the logo needs to be different than competitors that predominantly use rooftop image as their logos. It was clear that a simple wordmark will be the best fit.

SRA stands for Sparacino Realty Advisors. The bold line under the 'S' represents the strong foundation of their knowledge in the industry. The customization made to the specific typeface created a cleaner, ownable wordmark with a simple change made to the R letter adds a sense of ownership.

Client Feedback

I hired Adi to design a logo and he delivered a clean and modern design everything I was looking for. The project was completed efficiently and Adi was a pleasure to work with.

— Christopher Sparacino

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