Stone Wrestling

Anthony hired me to come up with a new logo and some branding collateral for Stone Wrestling — an upcoming wrestling brand based in California. They sell a great range of wrestling gear for both coaches and wrestlers. My idea was to design a simple top-viewed diamond shape mimicking a robust gemstone.

Research showed that the wrestling industry is saturated with black and white logos. The red color has been thoughtfully picked to help the brand stand out. It's a color interpretation of aggression and determination.

For the pattern, I took the inspiration from pond pebbles to create the element of motion and strength, just like wrestlers in a match. Stone Wrestling brands itself on its stellar service and high quality products. I designed a personal thank you note that will go out with every purchase to build a good long-term relationship with their customers.

Client Feedback

I’ve worked with dozens of designers in my career. Adi is my go to designer for logo and brand work. Not only does he create a stellar product, but is extremely responsive and easy to communicate with. I'd highly recommend him if you're looking to create a brand.

— Anthony Doan

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